Share Everything Plan™

Unlimited Talk. Unlimited Text.

For accounts with at least one smartphone.

STEP 1. Select at least one smartphone and up to nine more devices.

And shareable data that powers up to 10 devices. Whether you have just one device or many, Share Everything is the plan that revolves around you.


  • Unlimited Talk for all devices on your account. No more worries about coverage charges.
  • Unlimited Text for all devices on your account. Send as many text, picture and video messages as you want.
  • Shareable Data for all the devices on your account. Select how much you'll need, and then share it with up to 10 devices.
  • Mobile Hotspot is included on all capable devices. Connect your device and share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
  • Connect up to 10 devices. Choose which devices you'd like to connect, and then share your minutes, messages and data.


Share Everything plans are designed to meet the needs of all our customers from 1 line to 10 lines with all device types including 3G and 4G Smartphones, Basic phones, Tablets, Jetpacks, USB modems, Notebooks and Netbooks.

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Check out calculator to figure out which plan may work for you.

To help guide you to the right plan remember:
Verizon Wireless data devices average between 1 and 2GB of data per month.

Call 1-800-645-2533 or see store for details.

Verizon Wireless Authorized Retailer

Devices Monthly Line Access
(per device)
iPhone 5 Smartphones $40
Basic Phone Basic Phones $30
Jetpack Jetpack / Netbooks / Notebooks $20
iPad Tablets $10


STEP 2. Choose the amount of data to share, plus get unlimited minutes and messages for all devices on your account.

Share Minutes Shared Messages Shared Data Monthly Account Access
(share with up to 10 devices)
Unlimited Unlimited 1 GB $50
Unlimited Unlimited 2 GB $60
Unlimited Unlimited 4 GB $70
Unlimited Unlimited 6 GB $80
Unlimited Unlimited 8 GB $90
Unlimited Unlimited 10 GB $100

2 smartphones ($40 each) $80 line access
1 basic phone + $30 line access
4 gigabytes (GB) of shared data + $70 account access
$180 monthly access