Apple Fall Product Rumors (Updated)

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Apple Fall Product Rumors

Over the past couple years, Apple has had two fall events for the purpose of introducing new products. This year will probably be the same, with an iPhone event in September and an iPad and Mac event in October.

How to Set Up a New iPhone

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How to Set Up a New iPhone

How to set up your device for success

When you get a new iPhone, it can be tempting to jump in and start using all the features right away. To make sure you get the best experience, it’s important to spend a few minutes setting up a few key features. When you activate your iPhone with Verizon at TD Curran, we’ll help you through the entire setup process, giving you essential tips and advice along the way.

Great Free Google Apps for iPhone

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Great Free Google Apps for iPhoneGoogle founder Larry Page recently announced a huge change to one of the world’s biggest tech companies, restructuring Google as a subsidiary of a new holding company called “Alphabet." While this won’t really change how Google operates from the user end, it’s making a big splash in the tech world.

In light of this news, let’s take a look at some incredible free apps Google offers for iPhone:

App Review: Songkick

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App Review: SongkickAny live music fan knows that tracking down shows can be a tough challenge. Between different artists, different venues, festivals and more - it’s nice having one spot to keep track of all your live music needs. The Songkick app is that spot.

Troubleshooting Email in iOS and OS X

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Email Troubleshooting in iOS and OS X

Sometimes with technology, things just stop working. Commonly with email, the problem is that email is not sending or receiving. If you know that your internet connection is working, try out a few of these steps for fixing a troublesome email on iOS and OS X. These troubleshoots assume you are using the Mail app.

Verizon Introduces New Plans, Eliminates 2-Year Contracts

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Verizon's New Plans

Verizon Wireless announced a brand new set of service plans in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Each plan comes with unlimited talk and text and shareable data, much like the current MORE Everything plans. The new plan is simply dubbed "The Verizon Plan" and the pricing structure is as follows:

What Exactly is Apple's Swift Programming Language?

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What Exactly is Swift?

During Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in 2014, Apple introduced Swift, a new programming language for developing apps for the OS X and iOS platform. Since then, Swift has grown and has become popular for developers creating apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Mac.

Introducing TotalCare+ for Mac

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Introducing TotalCare+ for Mac

At TD Curran, we recommend AppleCare with every new Mac. Applecare extends your one-year hardware warranty to three years and gives you access to 3 years of Apple’s award-winning technical phone support. While AppleCare covers manufacturer’s defects and hardware issues, it does not cover accidental damage. TotalCare+, however, does.